Nadïne LaFond is a passionate, powerhouse vocalist with a wide range, inventive songwriter and skilled recording artist steeped within an imagery rich storytelling style inspired by her Haitian heritage and multicultural musical upbringing. After over 15 years of collaboration and live performance, she's moving into the next evolution of her music, starting with her debut solo album, WISDOM CHILD.

Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in New Jersey surrouned by a proud Haitian family and coming from a long line of artists, Nadïne grew up immersed in a rich mix of multicultural music, which would spark both parents and kids to instant dancing around the house. Her father constantly brought home new discoveries from Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, their native Haiti and other countries in a variety of genres including American folk, rock and Motown.

CassetteWithout knowing it, home life was like a school of the arts. Along with Haitian paintings on the walls and traditional storytelling sessions, her parents kept a steady flow of tunes going at all times; especially their favorites, Aretha Franklin and Johnny Cash. Her brother, who went on to follow opera as his artform, would pass out sheet music to his sisters and teach them classical harmonies. Humming Renaissance songs and obscure arias while doing the dishes or homework was a typical sound in the house. At age 13, already embedded in rock, funk and hip hop, Nadïne discovered Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday in a supermarket bin and fell madly in love with Jazz, deepening her appreciation for and inspiring a return to the Blues she'd heard before. This brought everything together, encouraging experimentation and her first song ideas.

Composing and performing music that embraces a variety of styles, cultures and eras came naturally and influences every aspect of her current work toward a unifying original sound. Whether on festival stages or in intimate listening rooms, Nadïne connects deeply with audiences through her engaging presence, fearless voice and distinct sound, which she honed over the years as a jazz vocalist at open jams in New York then as backing vocalist for several rock/funk and jam bands, as vocalist / percussionist member of Pan African ensemble, Wogbledoe, and as lead vocalist / co-songwriter with Swampadelica. As a session vocalist, she has contributed on projects like "Untold" by Pete Francis (Dispatch), “Sticks & Stones” by moe and “The Green Sparrow” by bassist, Mike Gordon (Phish).

Currently writing and bringing to life "all those crazy ideas" she'd been working to articulate for years, Nadïne is developing several projects that best express the many classic roots to abstract sounds now coming through.

Also a painter, mixed media & found objects artist, her art is inspired by her music and visa versa.

view Nadïne's artwork @ Art Lives Studio.

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