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Recording again with fellow artists

Nadine in Session
Nadine in session @ Top of the World Studio

Back in the studio recording wth fellow artists, creating backing vocals, harmonies and vibes that give the songs that push to next level.

It has been a few years since the last whirlwind sessions with legendary bassist, Mike Gordon (Phish) and rock 'n roll band, moe. and singer/songwriter, Pete Francis (Dispatch), projects that made my debut in session vocal work a blast.

Loving collaboration in general and finding the process of creating an album with fellow artist to be a fun challenge and another way to sharpen the chops.


Latest Session



Andy ShulmanThis time around, the call came from musician and producer / engineer, Art Halperin (Work of Art) who runs Top of the World Recording Studio and Sword in the Stone Records, was working on a project for California based singer / songwriter, Andy Shulman, often described as having an easy Kat Stevens vocal style.

NOTES: "Working with Art and Andy was alot fun and they gave me total creative space to mess with whatever I heard coming through.  Among the variety of styles that Andy took on, there was a really pretty, almost Renaissance like tune that stuck with me long after the sessions were done.  I'm looking forward to hearing the final version."

UPDATE: Andy Shulman's CD titled, "Songs in the Afterglow" released in April 2012.

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