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Family Shot @ WNTI w/ Melanie Thiel

Family Shot @ WNTI w/ Melanie Thiel
(back row) David Freeman, Mike Tichy and Joe Vigliotti


Old School Radio
Interview and In-Studio Performance, Apr 2

Tune into WNTI 91.9 for Mornings With Melanie on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 @ 8AM
for a live performance and interview on the making and release of Wisdom Child.

We were definitely amongst family at WNTI with Melanie Thiel. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, encouragement and support. We had such a blast jamming at the studio. Will never forget this beautiful morning, our very first Wisdom Child radio interview celebrating the release of the debut album.

CLICK HERE to listen to the broadcast.

Sweet Vibes indeed



WNTI, April 2 @ 8AM

We're doing an acoustic jam of a few tunes off the Wisdom Child debut album on the air with DJ Melanie Thiel. Join us during your morning commute or stream the show by clicking the "Listen Live!" button at the top upper right of WNTI's web page.

Mike Tichy (guitar) Joe Vigliotti (bass) David Freeman (drums)

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