QUICKSHOUT: Still Writing Like Crazy

 "Peace All,

I continue to stay up til about 4AM or so almost every night working on one song after another. I can't sleep anyway so the music just keeps flowing, which saves me every moment I awaken to it. Thankfully, I've been “awake” and aware of that good, restless energy.

I really do enjoy telling a story across a group of songs like a good film or a collection of paintings. Fortunately for my pen, shifting Life has been a tough teacher but a beautiful muse. May have the second record ready to go but now is the time for fine tuning the first one :3"

Stay tuned...

UPDATE: 10/24/12
songwriting notes

Song Desk

I composed everything; lyrics, melodies, parts for instruments; in a rented apartment working it all out with a laptop and a little roll-up synthesizer. Sometimes, when I'm driving and the ideas start streaming in, I pull over and sing into my cellphone. And, of course, nothing like a pen and a simple composition notebook. Having a bunch of fancy equipment doesn't make songs and it's a good thing too, cause this is all I got but that's OK.

It's all I need.

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