Video Poems - Abundance - flower pedals 1
clip from "Video Poems" project
featuring a favorite jazz standand
In early August, I started a little series of "video poems" mixing music and film / abstract photography to tell these little stories. This all started out as a simple music video / photo shoot but when the Muse speaks, whaddayagonnado? 

While preparing for the shoot, the visual artist in me took over and immediately saw the potential for something really interesting so the musician in me, of course, is compelled to follow.  I'm convinced that working with found objects art led me to this obsession with film.

Video Poems - couple 1 Once the visions start tumbling down, I just have to interpret them exactly as they appear in my mind's eye. Strange process sometimes but I try not to argue with the Muse :0) It's a privilege to just accept & manifest.

Now this little project is starting to get a life of its own, including collaborations with fellow musicians from a variety of traditions. It will be a pleasure to introduce these stellar artists who jumped right in, trusting my mysterious process, which shows up as dreams or visions offering ONLY colors, textures, random sounds and cryptic images connecting to a collection of songs like a big puzzle that I MUST figure out.

I thank you all for hanging in there as the picture gets clearer. It has been a blast so far; super productive, deeply creative and so incredibly inspiring.

Can't wait to see what emerges.

Stay tuned ...

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